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  Mission Statement  

Mission Statement

Our Mission, at Alma Bryant High School, is to unify several communities as one graduating body by enhancing the athletic, academic, artistic, and service talents of the students individually and of the school holistically, thereby, increasing their educational and social experiences as well as their personal growth.


Alma Bryant - creating a culture of higher learning,

higher standards, 

and higher expectations.


Alma Mater

All Hail to thee our Alma Mater! Sings our loyalty.

O, may you keep us, Thine forever minds and spirits free.

At Alma Bryant, Strong and brave.

Our gladsome voices sing.

When youth's bright morning fades away.

Thy praise shall ever ring.





  About The School  

Alma Bryant Pride

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Alma Bryant High School was formed by combining Alba High School and Grand Bay High School. The students were given the opportunity to select a mascot.  The vote came down to the Hurricanes or the Bulldogs with the Hurricanes becoming the final choice. School colors were also chosen by the students. They were not allowed to use any color used by either of the two high schools. The colors of blue, white, and silver were selected to represent Alma Bryant pride.


The steering committee submitted names for the new school to the board, and the name was selected by majority vote.  Miss Alma Bryant, a former principal at Alba High School and a former teacher at Mobile County High School (Grand Bay High), was the name selected. With over forty years as a highly respected educator in south Mobile County,  Alma Bryant signifies academics at the highest level.

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