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  Class Schedule  


Bell Schedule


Take In                                                                         7:10  

    1st Period                                                                 7:20 – 8:45

    2nd Period                                                               8:50– 10:15

    3rd Period                                                                10:20-11:05

    4th Period                                                                11:10 – 1:10


Lunch Waves


1st lunch wave:      11:05 – 11:30       Bryant Center students, A Hall, Ag Building, 500 Building


2nd Lunch Wave:   11:35 – 12:00       C hall, G Hall




Tardy Bell: 12:05 (No Students should be out of class at this time without a pass)




3rd Lunch Wave:   12:15 – 12:40       B Hall, D Hall


4th Lunch Wave:   12:45 – 1:10         H Hall, Field House, Dance, Gym


     5th Period                                                                1:15 – 2:40


Kind Reminders…

ü Students are NOT permitted to leave classrooms for any reason during the first and last 15 minutes of each period.

ü Students are NOT permitted to leave classrooms for any reason during 3rd Period.

ü Students should be marked tardy to class if the bell has begun ringing and the student is not fully in the classroom.

ü Four (4) tardies to a single class equals one unexcused absence.

ü Five (5) unexcused absences may cause a student to not earn credit for a class regardless of earning a passing grade.

ü Students are permitted up to 4 Parent Notes per semester (2 for 1/2 credit classes).

ü All Doctors Notes will be verified for authenticity.  

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