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Alma Bryant Senior Night
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016
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October 21

     All seniors involved in the Alma Bryant High School football program such as Cheerleaders, Band, Flag Corp, JROTC, Azalea Trail Maids, and Dance members should expect to attend the Alma Bryant Fall Senior Night on October 21, 2016. Each organization, including all senior football players, will have their picture taken at alternating times at the football tunnel located in the end zone. Senior football players along with the cheerleaders chosen to escort them should report for pictures at 4:50pm. The Band and Flag Corp needs to arrive at 5:15pm, followed by the JROTC, Azalea Trail Maids, and Dance organizations who are scheduled for pictures at 5:45pm.

     Senior call outs will begin promptly at 6:20pm. If your escort is not present when the call out begins, the ceremony will continue in their absence. We regret to inform you that parents do not get in for free. The parking is priced at $3.00 in addition to the fee of admission of $6.00.

      All seniors participating in the ceremony will be expected to keep their remarks short and sweet due to time restraints. A maximum of two escorts are permitted, however, if any participants would prefer to replace the escorts assigned to them with a family member, that decision would be welcomed. 

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