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Nothing but Net
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Tuesday, December 06, 2016
Bryant Girls' Basketball

Nothing but Net

            Alma Bryant High School’s very own girls’ basketball team has launched this season with tremendous success. We asked Coach Prater what he thinks of his girl’s accomplishments. “I’ve been really excited about how hard each of them have played. They’ve gotten better every game, and although they are a long way away from where they need to be, their effort is admirable.”

Each of the players had their own view on the team’s success this season and praised their unwavering determination, which has won them games against their fierce competitors. “We’ve learned the game is about us, not the other team,” declared Addie Holmes

Their strengths vary from player to player allowing them to have a diverse advantage over the other teams. Adiya Matthews, one of Addie’s teammates, believes her greatest contribution to her team’s success is through her aggressive and confident attitude. Latonya Easter sees her advantage on the court as being a fit player. Megan Lefort and Jamira Pugh each have their own personal strengths, such as being fast and having a huge heart for the game. Together, each player combines to make an unstoppable team with a dedication for the game that cannot be taken away from them.

Come support these wholehearted athletes at their next game.

By Christina Matis and Madison Sullivan

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