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2017 Senior Who's Who
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Thursday, December 15, 2016

2017 Senior Who’s Who


Best All-around-Valerie Ainsworth and Morgan Boone

Drama King and Queen- Eli Crawford and Marissa Collier

Most Athletic-Valerie Ainsworth and Morgan Boone

Mr. and Miss Know-it-all- Kathryn Ball and Andrew Tant

Class Clowns-Destiny Dixon and Tobias Moore

Most Likely to Suceed-Katelyn Rogers and Logan Brown

Most Generous Spirit- Anna Chaisson and Brant Womack

Best Smile-Olivia Jacobs and Terek Mcdonald

Biggest Kids at Heart- Addie Holmes and Chase Sprinkle

Most Artistic-Mary Katherine Brown and Crimson Sinclair

Prettiest Eyes-Jazmin Jones and Theran Fox

Best Laugh-Malayna Carpenter and Gerald Sanders

Teacher’s Pet-Mckenzie Perry and Zach Harkey

Most Friendly-Stephanie Banashak and Dylan Baldwin

Musically Talented-Alex Lambert and Zechariah Hart

Always Late-Chavon Calhoun and Zachary Brown

Shortest-Melisa Wongsa and Dylan Alcorn

Tallest-Christina Matis and Chason Waite

Most Adventurous-Deanna Abitz and Cronus Banks

Social Media Freaks-Emily Charlton and Larry Woodson

Best Eyebrows-Nancy Hua and Trae Cordova

Most Likely to Sleep through a Hurricane-Mikayla Kelly and Joshua Skinner

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