Coastal Environmental Science Pathway

9th Grade: Fundamentals of Agriscience
10th Grade: Marine Biology
11th Grade: Aquatic Biology
12th Grade: Environmental Management

The Coastal Environmental Science pathway provides students an opportunity to focus on the coastal environment surrounding them. Through classroom and hands-on learning experiences, students will study the various aquatic ecosystems within the marine environment.  They will clarify their understanding of the water planet and the dynamic processes that have shaped and continue to shape the Earth, and they will study the impact of man's interaction with the environment. Students will also be exposed to a wide variety of career opportunities for varying post secondary plans.

The students in this pathway work closely with Dauphin Island Sea Lab, Auburn Shellfish Laboratory, the Lightning Point Project, The Nature Conservancy, and Mobile Baykeeper.

Possible Workforce Careers:

Marine Biologist
Aquatic Scientist
Research Biologist
Fish Farm Technician
Saltwater Production Manager

Coastal Environmental Science Pathway