Alma Bryant Library Media Center



  • Monday-Friday - 6:35 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
  • Extended time - As needed.


  • Reference materials available for in-house use.
  • Wide selection of non-fiction and fiction materials available for check out.
  • Magazines available for in-house use.


  • All copyright laws must be observed. Please see our links below to review laws.


  • Individual students must have a pass.
  • Classes may register to visit as a group with their teacher.
  • Parents may visit during our hours of operation - Please pick up a visitor's pass in the front office.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Alma Bryant Media Center is to provide a productive learning environment that will enable staff and students to become information literate, to use information effectively, and to provide educational and technological opportunities for all patrons.

Media Center Goals:

1) Increase Circulation

2) Increase Community Involvement

3) Promote collaboration to implement Literacy Standards to meet College and Career Readiness Standards

Marisa Hansert
Phone: 251-824-3213 
ext 13644
Lindsay Miller
Phone: 251-824-3225
ext 13604
Rules & Procedures


  • Atriuum is available to search our resources. 
  • iPads are available for class check outs

Circulation Policy:

  • Students - two books allowed for a two-week period (extensions available upon request).
  • If students are conducting research more items may be checked out. Damaged or lost items must be paid for in a timely manner.
  • Staff - unlimited material check outs, including videos, books, reference materials, and magazines.

Rules and Procedures:

  • No food or drink 
  • Place all chairs neatly around the tables when you finish working.
  • Print only the material needed.
  • Work quietly and productively.
  • Ask Mrs. Miller or Mrs. Hansert for help when needed.
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