Hi Q team
Alma Bryant’s New Horizons’ Hi-Q team is a competitive academic team, which meets all year to prepare for competition during second semester.  Our students prepare for competition is areas that range from literature and physics to sports and current events.  They compete in thirteen different areas.

In the sixteen years of the school's existence, we have progressed to the semi-final level every year.  We have competed in finals competition eight times (winning twice), a feat reserved for the top three high schools in Mobile. This level of success is the second-highest in the county, to the 9 times Baker has appeared at the final table.

Hi-Q requires a great deal of dedication and hard work; players must commit to memory the most obscure things from their assigned subjects. If interested in participating, see Mr. Patrick during the first month of school. Tentative starting lineups will be determined no later than the end of September for the season.
Mr. Kent Patrick